It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it,

and how I look when I do it and say it.

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"Hello, I'm not in right now or more than likely I'm trying to avoid Rachel's grouching and complaining about how Mr. schuester gave someone else the solo and not her. Please take the hint if I don't call you back, Rachel. Thank you and have a great day. "

[ voicemail || call || text || video || email ]

Some kid named Finn appeared. He's from Ohio. Says he knows you. Thought you should know.

who are you and why are you texting me

hey. r u okay dude?

[ooc; shishiwakamaru has informed finn that kurt is in a bad mood due to what happened at the friendship ball and being the good friend he is, finn decided to check in on him. ;D]

Y, I am. Somethings wrong?

[ooc: awww Finn :> Don't worry, nothing happened. Long story short: Shishi and Wolf got into a fight and he was disappointed with them.]

Hey, it's Wuertz. Don't mind the blue panther and the gerbil but the singing cotton candy thing has to go. It fucking woke me up in the middle of the night last night.

Also stay away from Aphrodite, she is a fucking crazy whore.

What do you like in your tacos/burritos/enchiladas? Call me.

Hi, Wuertz.

[Strange, since hearing a jigglypuff makes people fall sleep.]

Sorry, I will leave her in the auditorium from now. I thik it's a her.

She is just trying to help a few of my friends that had an argument. She is never meant to me.

And you don't have to cook for me, really. [He was used to do all the cooking back at home.]


Hello? Kurt~?

Hi, this is Renge! And I just wanted to let you know you've been invited to thanksgiving with me and Sakura and whoever else is gonna come! Okay~? It's going to be awesome, we're gonna have a lot of food so be there, okay?

Call back with any questions, mon cheri!


Renge! [He sounds happy.] I was about to organize a thanksgiving party too. I didn't had the time to tell you yet. Noi, Shishi, Wolf and others are coming, but I think that maybe there will be too many people in one single room. I live with Wuertz and I'm not sure that he would appreciate having his apartment invaded.

What if we join forces, rent a place and organize the party- dinner there? I will cook.

Hi there, K.

It's everything ok?

missed u at lunch today. everything ok?

Y, just like the usual.

mr. such tried to rap in class again :/

Hummel, I saw some gelled-up private school version of Harry Potter walking you out of McKinley the day you left for Queerville. If you don't get on that pronto, I will be muy decepcionado. Comprende?


[He has to listen to the voice mail twice to get who is she talking about.]

Are you going to shout 'spies' like Rachel does? I have the situation under control, don't worry about him.

Have you seen Tangled?

Not yet, I've heard it's really good.

I'm free this weekend.

(Deleted comment)
you are welcome.

I'm surprised that you managed to find the message option ;) it took my dad 3 days.

[ooc:Imagine that this text was sent in a mobile phobe slagn, like 'ur wlcom.' instead of 'you are welcome'. Kurt is messing with him :'D]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

[picture text] let's pretend the puppy in this pic is a golden retriever >_>;

lol look @ what slushie did


He's so silly ;D Like his owner

Hi Kurt. Can I come over?

Sure. You don't have to ask, jsut come.

[[in response to this ]]

dude. u n blaine r datin now???????



What if we were?

So apparently i owe u thnx

Did Blaine and Finn ever tell you what they did???

Can you be more specific? They do thins together sometimes, like talking about sports and boring things like that.


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