It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it,

and how I look when I do it and say it.

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I thought that some fresh air would do me good, but It’s foggy outside. The fog is yellow-ish, it might be the pollution.

Kissing is the only way to get mono? Because I’m feeling feverish and dizzy like Finn did, I hope he didn’t get me sick. Being sick do horrible things to my skin, I hate being dehydrated.

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Certainly that's not the only way. Sharing food and drink, for one, or so I hear...

I'm here wondering how my Little pony knows about mononucleosis XD

Oh. Them maybe Finn and I shared that accidentally.

I'm sure ponies can get sick. XD

I must admit, it's strange hearing that humans can get sick... I mean, of course you can, but when one hasn't heard of you before, one thinks all sorts of things.

Amazing XD Is she video or text?

Can't everyone get sick? If you aren't human what are you?

Text, since your post was. Sorry. XD

Oh, that's simple. I am a unicorn pony.

I definitely did not give you mono. Although those symptoms do seem pretty much the same.

You didn't kiss me, that doesn't mean this isn't your fault.

...what? How is it my fault?

Dude, I really didn't. It's probably just flu or something. Totally not my fault. kissed Hudson? [FWOOOSH over his head]

What, no!

Ew, no, he's my brother now. Gross.

Hey, you said you had mono and kissing was the way to get it.

I also asked what other ways are out there, I'm sure there are others because I didn't kiss him.

You really thought I would do that?


Maybe? Weren't you gay for him for like a year?

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